Why is my controller not working? (Android TV, PC, Mac, Linux)

Android TV:

If your controller does not appear to be functioning when connected to the Android TV please verify that it is the only one connected. 

Never Alone detects the first controller connected to the console as Player One's. Any other controller will be detected as 'Player 2'. Which has a limited pause menu and functionality at the main menu and during gameplay. 

NOTE: There is a known bug that having multiple controllers connected will disable Player 1's start menu. This issue is currently under investigation and we are working on a patch! 


Players using unsupported third-party controllers may experience problems playing Never Alone. Below are a list of possible solutions to get your devices working. 

  1. Open Notepad
  2. Type:

wait 20

inputmode 2

Save file as autoexec.cfg and place in ...

Steam\steamapps\common\NeverAlone next to the Never_Alone.exe

Steam Controllers

  1. Try the solution above
  2. Never Alone may detect the controller as a keyboard if you have not set it to emulate a controller through Steam before launching it. 

Steam Link**

  • reported issues are still being investigated. If you have found solutions or workarounds please email support@neveralonegame.com and let us know! 


Xbox 360 Wired / Wireless controllers: 

Please install this driver and restart your computer. 


PS4 / PS3 controller: 

  1. PS4 controllers should 'plug and play' on supported Mac computers. 
  2. Use a direct USB connection not a wireless connection. 
  3. Connect the controller before launching the game


  • Gamepad issues (Gamepad isn't being detected properly, or seems buggy):- Right click on "Never Alone" in your Steam Library, choose "Properties", choose "Set Launch Options", then paste the following:
  • LC_ALL=C %command%
  • This worked for me, and now everything is normal with controls. I use 2 x Steam Controllers and Ubuntu 14.04.

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